Gold Nugget 3: Learning from Parents – Anyone’s

by teresalaynebennett

gold nugget symbolizing what we can learn from everyone

Learning From Everyone

gold nugget symbolizing what we can learn from everyone

Ask the Right Questions

gold nugget symbolizing what we can learn from everyone

Learning From Parents

Few people in my life give much credibility to anything I might have to say. After all, they KNOW me. (See Gold Nugget 1.) Gold nuggets from HER mouth? Please.

After reading Gold Nuggets 1 and 2, are you still pretty sure that your perfectly ordinary family and friends couldn’t possibly have some gold nuggets for you? Okay. We have the perfect marriage. I (someone else’s parent) pass on my “wisdom” – such as it is – to you, and you thoughtfully consider it since you don’t know me.

Your parents and grandparents can skip you and pass their wisdom on to non-children who accept it gratefully and gladly, since they don’t know your parents and grandparents very well and therefore, have no idea they’re really clueless.

See how this works? It’s a win-win deal, I’m telling you.

Yep. Little bit of humor there. Humor prepares the heart and mind for many things, you know.

Now I am being serious.

Truly, is it difficult for you to give much credibility to anything the familiars of your life might have to say? Is the phrase learning from parents is an oxymoron? Then maybe something in this Pay Attention! Blog will prove helpful since it doesn’t come from your parent.

Maybe one of my Pay Attention! posts will generate a conversation with some of those familiars in your life. Or not; maybe now isn’t the time for that.

Maybe Pay Attention! will generate a new-found appreciation for what your family members know. Or not; maybe I haven’t done a very good job of convincing you yet, and they still seem clueless to you. And, of course, there is the outside possibility they really are clueless. (I rather doubt it, though.)

Having dismissed your own, maybe this blog will set you to wondering if learning lessons from someone else’s parents might not be such a goofy idea after all.

Just so you know, I plan to keep on blogging regardless of what you decide. So check back once in a while. In the meantime, humor me. Give learning from someone else’s parent a whirl while you’re getting used to the idea that you might be able to learn from your parents and grandparents.

Learning from your own parents can be done, you know. And if you decide to try it, I’d love to hear what you’re learning. I’ve learned A WHOLE LOT from other people’s parents already, and I’d be tickled to learn something from your parents, too.

photo of a parent, probably a grandparent, who could probably teach us all something

A wise man can save you time and money!

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Whose grandparent could you cozy up to
for some pay-attention, gold-nugget mining?

© 2013 Teresa Layne Bennett
[photo from Parenting4Tomorrow]