Process 4: Developing Relationships

by teresalaynebennett

photo of three young people working on electronics together

Developing relationships through geeky stuff

This process-thing plays out in relationships, too. My circle of friends, network of business associates, and support group of those with whom I would trust my life is HUGE. But it took 64 years to reach its gargantuan size.

One by one, I made new acquaintances who turned into something more than mere acquaintances. One by one, I added people to my life who deserved to be there. One of by one, I paid attention to those who were indifferent and or who kept raining on my parade (more on this in Feeling Good: Encouraging Others post) and removed them from the theater of my life. And voilá, a support system that would make the Pope drool.

Have you noticed
life isn’t much fun sometimes?

Sometimes life feels suspiciously like slogging through mud. You’ll need some friends along the way. Good ones. Lots of them. Start the process of accumulating these people who will help you through thick and thin – and who you will be able to help through thick and thin. 

Invest in these people. Help friends with no thought of reciprocation. (Feeling Good: Encouraging Others contains my disclaimer about this reciprocity thing.) Pay attention to the process of consciously developing friendships.

Paying attention to – and investing in – others’ lives is a process that gradually produces a gloriously rich and complex support group.

red box with white text of anonymous quote, "Doing nothing for friends eventually means having no friends to do for."

Pay attention! This maxim is oh-so-true.

(Right about now would be a good time to move on to Process 5: Building Character.)

© 2013 Teresa Layne Bennett