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Appropriate Behavior
Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Part.1; Part 2; Part 3

Accumulating (The Brits and Us)

Accumulating (Sustainability)

Ask and you shall receive.

Ask, Part 2

Asking the Right Questions (Gold Nugget 2)

Brains: Men’s & Women’s

Boasting: Never a Good Idea 

Boasting (TRULY – boasting never pays off.)

Conforming (Everyone does it … this way)

Conformity and Pop Culture 

“Deal,” The (Our $12 Chair “Deal”)

Dealing with Deficiencies 

Decision Making, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Deserving (“You deserve it.”)


Dressing Like the Professional You Are

Feeling Shortchanged

Feeling Good: Are You Happy . . . or Contented?

Feeling Good: Encouraging Others

Feeling Good: Encouraging Yourself


Functional Fixedness, Getting Over

Grace (Selective Hyperopia)

[The] Haves and The Have-nots 

Healthy Self-Worth (Monitor your relationships to protect your self-worth.)

Intentional Living (Delay & Divert) 

Judging a Book by the Cover, Part 1Part 2


Learning Creativity (What is creativity?)

Learning from Everyone (Gold Nugget 1)

Learning from Parents – Anyone’s (Gold Nugget 3)

Letting Go: THE Sweater 

Liars and Lying

Living Well and Helping Others (Living Well 3)

Living Well – Little Decisions (Living Well 2)

Living Well – Living Within Your Means  (Living Well 1)

Magic Bullet 1: Wouldn’t it be cool if life were simple?

Magic Bullet 2: Wouldn’t if be cool if maintaining health were easy?

Magic Bullet 3: Wouldn’t it be cool if managing our money were easy-peasy? 

Magic Bullet 4: Wouldn’t it be cool if all our relationships were healthy?

Making the Most of Your Time (Killing Two Birds with One Stone)

Moderation – Even in the Good Stuff 

Moderation & Modeling One Bite At a Time 

Odd #1: Have some laughs – at my expense. 

Odd #2: Getting On With It

Odd #3: Getting Over It

Odd #4: Minding Your Ps and Qs

Odd #5: Knowing When a “Deal” is a DEAL 

Odd #6: Glamorous Aunt Doris (Getting Over the Hand We’re Dealt)

Odd #7: Just a Little R-E-S-PECT

Odd #8: Gift-Giving, Par Excellence 

Odd #9: The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

Odd #10: Limited Perspective 

Odd #11: Recycling can lead to all sorts of entrepreneurial ventures 

Odd #12: Capitalizing on Oddity = Less Mediocrity 

Odd #13: Natural Talents 

Odd #14: Quality Control Run Amok 

Odd #15: Delighting in Pristine Paper (Being Thankful for Very Small, Simple Things)

Odd #16: Teresa’s my name. Efficiency’s my game. (Impatience)

Odd #17: The Gene Pool, Part 1Part 2, Part 3

Odd #18: The Not-Quite-Right Amongst Us 

Pride Before the Fall

Process 1: It’s a PROCESS!

Process 2: Personal and Household Clutter

Process 3: Personal Habits

Process 4: Developing Relationships

Process 5: Building Character 

Revenge, Humorous (THE Lamps, Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5, Part 6, Part 7)

Resource Misconceptions

Saying “No”

Saying “No” – Practice, Practice, Practice

Saying “Yes”

Saying “Yes” – Maybe

A Sucker Born Every Minute (Scam Artists)


Sharing Skills (Pass it on: share your skills!)


Success is sure when….

Thankfulness  (Living Thankfully, 1)

Thankfulness (Living Thankfully, 2)

Thankfulness (Living Thankfully, 3)

Thankfulness (Living Thankfully, 4)

Thank you, Mrs. Franklin.

Time Management (I don’t have time to . . . .”)