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photo of pay attention blogger, Teresa Bennett

Teresa Layne Bennett, Wordsmith

How did you spend your early childhood? Playing with siblings and neighborhood kids? Trampoline jumping? Pick-up basketball games? Little League softball? Board games with cousins? Soccer league games? Gymnastic team practices?

Yes to most of the above? Good. Your average American childhood gives you a good shot at being considered “normal” – unlike mine.

I was an only child for nine years, surrounded by five adults in a rural farm setting. I made things with my hands (imitating the adults around me). I listened and participated in adult conversations. I became a bookworm. Not your average American childhood, eh? (Which goes a long way toward explaining my extreme oddness, but that’s another story, which starts with Odd #1 and Odd #2.)

It’s a short hop
from Avid Reader to Avid Writer.

My earliest aspirations and dreams always had something to do with words, their meanings, the worlds of good they can do us, and the worlds to which they can transport us.

It should be no surprise then, that I received a degree in English and used it for 30 years as a copywriter (and graphic designer). During those years of wordsmithing for clients, I kept promising myself I would move from copywriter to Real Writer (since advertising copywriting didn’t quite qualify as “real” writing in my mind) and write a book someday.

A book. You know. Pages between two covers – maybe hardcover, maybe paperback? I know, I know – soooo yesterday.

So now that I’ve lived 64 years on this planet, learned a good deal of life’s lessons (mostly the hard way), and honed my skill as a writer only to find books are on their way out, what to do, what to do?


I know. Don’t write a book: write a blog. Share those hard-learned life lessons in little blog-post snippets with younger generations – those who are willing to listen.

That would be you, dear reader. You are willing to listen. How do I know? You wouldn’t have scrolled down this far if you weren’t looking for anything you can find to help yourself live well, live successfully. In short, you know how to read for content, and you already know how to pay attention!

So read on. (The Point might be the best place to go next – before diving into the posts.) And do let me hear from you. Leave comments. We’re all in this together, you know. (While I’ve lived 60+ years, there’s a mountain of stuff I don’t know!)

(FYI: if you’re interested in travel, check out my CheapTouring travel blog. Plenty of tips for all international travelers.)

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